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bloom /  bluːm : to flourish, to grow, to bring forth beauty


Our products

You deserve the best


Life is hectic. We work diligently to make our services easy and convenient for you while still taking the utmost care and attention to meet your needs during your visit. We use only the best equipment, techniques, and technology to ensure that your experience at Rumours delivers the VIP treatment you deserve.

We are committed to only using top-of-the-line products because we believe that the best is exactly what YOU deserve! The majority of our products are vegan, cruelty-free, and have recyclable packaging. Part of our colour line also has a collection that is free from ammonia, paraben, silicone, chemical odours, synthetic mineral oils AND fragrance!

Our services

Inclusivity and equality allow everyone to blossom


Rumors wants a new concept to take root. We believe that hairstyles and pricing should be about length and effort, not gender. We're stepping away from conventional pricing based on men's and women's cuts and are now featuring a service menu that includes everyone, regardless of how they choose to identify.

*Pricing below is estimated based on your stylist as we offer varying levels of experience from Junior to Master Stylists. For exact pricing, please contact the hair studio directly.


Hair cuts

Bang Trim  |  5
Buzz Cut  |  15 - 35
Beard Trim  |  20
Straight Razor/Foiler Fade  |  45
Kids Clipper Cut (13 & Under)  |  28 - 35
Kids Long Haircut (13 & Under)  |  35
Basic Clipper Cut  |  37 - 50
Short Hair Scissor Cut  |  40 - 70
Medium to Long Scissor Cut  |  47 - 80


Short Hair Wash & Blow Dry  |  25 - 45
Long HairWash & Blow Dry  |  35 - 60
Formal Styling  |  100+

Colour services

Flash Tone  |  65+
Root Retouch  |  80+ 
Full Color  |  100+
Highlights  |  140+
Balayage  |  180
Full Bleach Out  |  Please contact the studio for a consultation
Colour Correction  |  Please contact the studio for a consultation

Texture services


Partial Perm  |  80
Short Hair Perm  |  100
Permanent Straightening  |  250+
Keratin Smoothing  |  300+

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